Ghana: An African Portrait Revisited, in the footsteps of Paul Strand

Ghana, an African Portrait Revisited
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"Africa's best-kept tourism secret is being gently exposed with such art, that hopefully will tempt you to visit and see for yourself."
--J. O. Obetsebi-Lamptey
Minister, Tourism & Diasporan
Relations, Accra, Ghana
Gary Samson

Gary Samson and the Queen. Ghana 2006.

Nancy Grace Horton

Nancy Grace Horton and Ghanaian women. Ghana 2006.

Tim Gaudreau and friend. Ghana 2006.

About the Book About the Photographers

ISBN 1-931807-57-4
New Hampshire native, and award-winning photographer, Peter E. Randall and five other New Hampshire photographers visited and photographed Ghana in 2006, on the eve of Ghana's 50th anniversary as the first sub-Saharan colony to become an independent nation.

Following in the footsteps of photographer Paul Strand, who photographed Ghana 40 years earlier, this group of photographers has captured a rare present-day portrait of this colorful, friendly, and fascinating country. Six different photographers present six different styles and six different views.

Abena P. A. Busia, associate professor of English at Rutgers, and coordinator of the Women Writing Africa Project wrote the remarkable essay that gives context and deeper meaning to the full color images presented in this beautiful and timely book. About Abena Busia.

Documentary Photography. Full color, Cloth with jacket, 10.25" x 10.25", 168 pages. ISBN 1-931807-57-4, $40.

Publication date: September 2007.

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About the Photographers

Charter Weeks career includes photographing Japan and Niger and filmmaking in London and the United States. He operates a communications agency in Barrington, NH.

Gary Samson left the University of New Hampshire after a long career there, and now chairs the photography department at the NH Institute of Art in Manchester NH. He has photographed New Hampshire for years, and his photographic travels include Guatemala and France.

Nancy Grace Horton is a full-time commercial and editorial photographer and has traveled extensively around the world.

Tim Gaudreau combines his photography with video, new media, graphics, and sculpture to create public art, and has traveled to India and Brazil.

Barbara Bickford's photographic work extends to many Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam and Cambodia.

Peter Randall has been photographing New England since the 1960s, and has published fourteen books. His travels include Japan, Guatemala, and Ghana, and other African countries.

Peter has a Photography Web site at:, where you can see images from New Hampshire as well as galleries of Peter's other photographic works.

Peter Randall in Ghana

Peter Randall (left) in Ghana. 2006.